"Pitched as a catalogue on the Melbourne rave scene, Techno Shuffle is far more the global story of house music ... an extremely accurate social history of rave ... this thorough and well written explanation of the globalisation of electronic dance music is a good accompaniment to Matthew Collin's recent tome Rave On."  

DJ Mag (UK)

"an impeccable all-encompassing account of Melbourne rave culture from the early 1980s until today"

Will Brewster, Mixdown Mag

"A remarkable achievement ... Meticulously put together ... it also made me laugh out loud!"

Simon Brown, ABC Radio

"Very well written. Thank you for deciding to use your wonderful writing skills on our scene."

Emmy Boudry (Right on One Productions)

"The book is terrific ... a real deep social/ cultural history."

Chris Johnston, author of 'The Family'

"I could not put this book down! It brought back so many memories and to have an outsider recognise that era of Melbourne as significant is testament to how good it really was ... and it WAS!

Tess Kruyer

"Totally blown away with how much research you've done. Amazing work."

Mick Smith

"It's great!!!! I learned a lot and I was taken down memory lane ... thank you!! I couldn't put it down!"

Cathy Field

"A fabulously engaging read Paul, your honest curiosity shines throughout. Bravo!

I can also honestly say (stating the obvious) that the stories in your book would make for a historic doco/drama tv series. It has it all - the freshness, excitement, experimentation, innocence, betrayal, drugs, politics, crime, spirituality, sexuality, imagery, fashion, imagination, ideology, geography, characters, technology, history, dance  and most of all the consciousness shifting music."

Adem Jaffers, aka Tekno Mandala

"I just finished Techno Shuffle. I have never read a book in one day. Wow. Wow. Wow.  Just wow! So informative. Extremely well researched and insightful. Beautifully written. I couldn't put it down. We have a book Melbourne! Fully documented."

DJ Lani G (aka Lux)

"I loved it! So well researched and on point. I highly recommend this book ... the insight and emotion it unravelled will stay in my heart forever.  Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into writing Techno Shuffle. It's perfect  xxx."

Tennille Murphy

"Fan bloody tastic!!!! Thanks so much for the effort. I for one appreciate it. Well done, 11/10."

Paul Roberts

"Congrats on a great book. You have done an awesome job of capturing a period of time that was important for so many."

Sean Hine

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